Our custom-built cable dismantling facility breaks the cable down into its component parts which generally consists of copper, steel, aluminium and polyethylene. The copper is of an exceptional quality and purity. We market the copper in both the international and local market. The copper can be baled or chipped whichever is the most suitable format for the client.


7mm Diameter high tensile steel cable with a breaking strength of 7 metric tonnes. The steel cables can be used on farms for cattle kraals, game fences or can be used to erect nets over table grapes or fruit orchards. The steel cable is of a very good quality and leads to great savings.


High quality (ungalvanised) steel wire in several different gauges.
- 1.2mm wire – ideal for the trellising of vineyards and vegetables
- 2.64mm wire – versatile steel wire with wide application from fencing on farms to reinforcing lintels.


The polyethylene contained in the recycled cables are of an exceptional quality. We contribute to the environment by recycling the HDPE & LDPE (High- and Low Density Polyethylene) into high quality pellets which is sold back into the market as a commodity used in the manufacturing of water tanks, and other products.