Versatile fleet

Mertech Marine operates a fleet of three vessels which are suitable for all kinds of submarine telecommunication cable activities including cable recovery for recycling or relaying, shore-end services, depot services, cable logistics and other related services. Through innovative design some of our vessels are also able to provide customised solutions to unique and challenging projects.

Our Factory

Recovery at sea and adding value on land

Mertech Marine pioneered the concept of recovering and recycling out of service submarine telecommunication cables using environmentally friendly methods which contribute towards reducing Co2 emissions. Our factory consists of a fully mechanical dismantling facility which breaks the out of services cables down into its component parts which are then sold into various industries as copper, polyethylene, steel and aluminium.

Our Projects and Cables

Impressive inventory of out-of-service telecommunication cables

Mertech Marine owns a substantial amount of out of service submarine telecommunication cables which are available for recovery and recycling or recovery and relay where technology allows for re-use of the cables. Our cables are located throughout the globe with the majority in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific oceans.

Repeaters are “cleaned” by the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (“NECSA”). Mertech Marine has all the required permits to handle, convey, store and process repeaters containing potentially hazardous materials in South Africa. After receiving the “clean” repeaters back from NECSA the remaining components of the repeaters are recycled by Mertech Marine.

List of Cables and Projects

Our People

We innovate through our people

Mertech Marine believes in building strong, long term and mutually beneficial relationships with its employees.

Our Business Partners

We innovate through building strong business partnerships

Mertech Marine innovates through building strong, long term and mutually beneficial relationships with its business associates. Over the years we have successfully partnered as both customer and supplier to many reputable players in the submarine telecommunication industry.

One of our key relationships is with WIND in the Netherlands. We work closely with Wind in areas of providing turnkey cable depot and cable freighting and logistics solutions for both internal projects and as solutions to customers.

Apart from our fleet of vessels which can be used for cable freighting, through WIND in the Netherlands we also have access to a large network of other suitable vessels globally which we can deploy at very competitive rates. The relationship has been in existence in various shapes since 2009.

Our Sound Industry Relationships